Who we are

Founded in 2018 in Cape Town (South Africa) by African film lovers AFRICASTED LTD is a professional website which will serve as an online platform for African actors / actresses and filmmakers. AFRICASTED will be dedicated to providing business solutions to entertainment professionals, i.e casting directors, actors, movies producers, content creators, scripts writers.

We aim to promote the creative work of African actors / actresses and their visual projects such as movies, TV series, animations. Our company also intends to facilitate rapport between all segments of the African filming industries, from actors / actresses’ database to selection and evaluation for production companies.

Accessible in both English and French, AFRICASTED’s headquarter is in Cape Town and has already a representation in Ghana.

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As part of Africasted’s mission to providing business solutions powered by new technologies to entertainment professionals in Africa, we have launched Kukastream. This platform (website, iOS app and Android App) will allow filmmakers to reach a global audience with their films.

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