Beyond ethnicity

Beyond ethnicity

This morning I woke up with a memory of 14 years old, a memory that goes back to my student life in an English-speaking African country.

It's a conversation I had with a young Rwandan student (brilliant student by the way) whose name I would not reveal because he was very shy and he used to tell me that he preferred a life far from the spotlights ... .Dear friend, I still respect this character which is yours! ... and for the needs of these few lines I am writing now I will name you David Winner ... yay !!

David Winner was part of a group of students from Rwanda who had just been awarded a scholarship to study in South Africa. They had to spend between 3 and 5 years of academic training here. They were very nice people with whom we become close easily. After a few months of friendship, all the students were invited to participate in the 21st anniversary of the Rwandan genocide commemoration in the hall of our residence. It was a moment of great emotion for all of us. Our Rwandan friends have gone one by one to the microphone to tell their personal experience of this atrocity ... … (I still crush a tear just by thinking about their different stories).
Amazed we all were after listening to these testimonies that make your body freeze ... ...those young men and women who, despite the difficult times they went through, have always shown happy faces every day, a disconcerting and contagious joy, wao!

So let's get back to that short conversation I had with my friend David Winner that day. Forgive me readers, but these questions were boiling in me since the days when we started to become close.
I will try somehow to transcribe this dialogue:

Me: It's really moving all that I have just heard ... I'm sorry brother.
David Winner: Thanks bro ... it's in the past now!
Me: So tell me David, are you Hutu or Tutsi? (I must confess that I asked this question with fear and a tight heart ... ..)
David Winner: It does not matter anymore ... ..
Me: Sorry it's just to know ... I was so touched by your different stories but I also noticed that none of you mentioned his or her ethnic group during the testimonials.
David Winner: Brother, he said with a serious face, it's true. We are now beyond the ethnic concept ... we are all Rwandans and that is what is important. We are brothers and sisters of the same homeland ... …Today we are all driven by a burning desire to develop our Rwanda and to promote it wherever we are ... … end of conversation!

We Africans will have to have this mindset, away from all ethnic considerations. Let's not wait for an atrocity to happen before waking up for our AFRICA.
Wherever we are, as David Winner has said, we must all come together and promote our AFRICA in our various sectors of activity.
From the time of the blackness of our fathers to the digital age, the real fight has always been to "Market" Africa.
AFRICASTED is leading this fight in the field of marketing African film productions ... ..Thank you David Winner!

For the promotion of African motion pictures ... AFRICASTED, your African partner!
Everyone is here!