Impress with a great Video Reel!

Impress with a great Video Reel!
Your profile is looking good. Good job! Perhaps you should add a video reel of your work.

What is an actor's video reel?
A carefully selected montage of your work as an actor.

What makes an effective video reel?
  1. Length: 1 to 2 minutes video.
  2. Content: 3 to 4 clips from different projects that features your performances.
  3. Objective: Casting directors use the video reel to determine your heat level as a performer. The better your reel, the better your chances of making it into their shortlist.
What to do if you have no footage for a video reel?
You already do this as part of your craft. Setup your camera in a quiet environment and record yourself performing:
  • a monologue,
  • a song,
  • a stand-up set,
  • accents, stunts, etc.
Any recording of your best performance is all you need. Upload to YouTube and add the link to your profile.

Why do you need a video reel?
  1. Displays your raw talent,
  2. Creates an emotional response that encourages casting directors to cast you,
  3. Video reels can serve as a tie breaker for casting directors and producers.
What are casting directors looking for in a video reel?
  • Personality and Camera presence,
  • Command and style,
  • Attitude and consistency,
  • Versatility and experience in front of the camera.
You only get once chance to make a first impression, make sure it is your best!