Impress with your casting photos!

Impress with your casting photos!
Now you have created your profile. You should upload professional-looking photos on your profile. We want your best foot forward and we are here to support you on your journey to international stardom.

What are international casting directors looking for in a casting photo?
  1. Head shot photo: showing your full face, from head to chest or,
  2. Half length photo: showing full face, from head to thighs or knees.
  3. A compulsory full length photo: showing full face, from head to toe.
  4. An optional photo: in any pose, whimsical, bold or different.
  • Upload at least one studio photo (if possible) or
  • Clear photos with no busy background, outside with a clear wall or open space in the background.
  • No selfies, get a friend to take your photos if you don't have access to a studio.
  • Be bold, confident, creative and let your photos showcase your personality.
You can go back to your profile and change your photos anytime. Our content administrators will be removing casting photos that do not meet these standards.
If you haven't already done so, here is a video tutorial on how to add your profile to our website.